Is Telemedicine the Future of Care?

Mercy Virtual has been called a hospital without patients, and the description is both true and false. There are neither beds nor patients in the gleaming four-story medical facility, which opened in late 2015 in Chesterfield, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb. But the facility is a hub of very real care for very real patients, in hospital beds and at home. Part of the Mercy health care system, which spans 44 hospitals in the Midwest, Mercy Virtual is the incarnation in bricks and mortar of what has generally been consigned to the ether: virtual care. Also referred to as telemedicine or … Read the whole story »

Mercy Named Top Five Health Care System in the U.S.

Shorter hospital stays, fewer complications and better patient results are just a few metrics used to rank Mercy as one of the top five large health systems in the nation, alongside Mayo Clinic. The 2017 Truven Health 15 Top Health Systems, which includes five large, five medium and five small systems, analyzes 337 health systems and 2,924 hospitals across the U.S. Click here to find the listings. “For the second year in a row, we are honored to be named one of the top five large systems in the nation for the medical care we provide to our communities,” said Lynn Britton, … Read the whole story »

Mercy Virtual Flies High in Delta Airlines’ Sky Magazine

Mercy Virtual has landed in the world’s most-read in-flight magazine. More than 5 million Delta Airlines passengers are thumbing through an article featuring the Mercy Virtual Care Center. The latest issue of Delta Sky Magazine focuses on the launch of telemedicine, and how innovative methods at Mercy, Kaiser Permanente and Cleveland Clinic are changing health care. Dr. Randy Moore, Mercy Virtual’s president, speaks to the success of the Mercy Virtual Care Center since it opened in late 2015; the article “Stay Well, Virtually,” also reflects on Mercy’s roots. “The center is the first of its kind in the world, but … Read the whole story »

Prevention Magazine Ranks Mercy Virtual Among 2016 Medical Breakthroughs

With a new year on the horizon, Prevention Magazine is counting down the “20 Best Medical Breakthroughs of 2016” and Mercy’s Virtual Care Center has a prominent spot. The article, featured in the December 2016 issue, highlights medical firsts; game-changing drugs and devices; as well as fascinating research that will “change your life immediately.” The work being done by hundreds of Mercy Virtual doctors and nurses inside the world’s first “hospital without beds” is helping the health care industry by “moving away from brick and mortar and relying on technology to keep people healthier,” Dr. Randy Moore, Mercy Virtual president, told the popular health publication. To … Read the whole story »

Mercy Virtual Care Center Design is “Making a Statement”

Mercy Virtual’s unique design gets a prominent spot in the latest issue of Medical Construction & Design, a major source of news, technology and research in the construction industry. The cover story of the November/December 2016 edition, entitled “Making a Virtual Statement,” takes a deep dive into the four-story, 125,000-square-foot facility that “delivers a new frontier of care delivery, bringing telemedicine to more people and places than ever before.” Click here to flip through the virtual pages of the magazine. The cover of the November/Decemer 2016 issue of Medical Construction & Design.

Mercy Virtual Home Monitoring is Front Page News

Mercy Virtual is front and center in the latest edition of the Springfield Business Journal. The cover story, “Virtual Visits: Health Care Meets Tech,” hones in on the technology Mercy uses to monitor the sickest five percent of patients in the comfort of their own homes. “Everything is Bluetooth,” Mark Saxon, executive director of Mercy Virtual ambulatory medicine, told the paper. The technology kits include an iPad, pulse oximeter, scale, blood pressure cuffs, a stylus and instructions. “We can share all labs, all appointments and full education videos.” The goal of the expanding program is to keep high-risk Mercy patients … Read the whole story »

CNN Spotlights Mercy Virtual

House calls are back, but with a twist. Mercy Virtual is quickly becoming a national leader in remote delivery of health care services, and it’s caught the attention of CNN. In its series “Agility in Action,” the cable news network focuses on innovative ideas across a variety of fields. In Mercy Virtual’s case, high-speed data and video connections keep tabs on the sickest patients who typically end up, unnecessarily, back in the hospital. Click here to watch the segment. Behind-the-scenes shot as CNN interviews Dr. Gavin Helton.