Care Management

Mercy Virtual programs and technology support Mercy’s Care Management. Care Management is a family of services designed to help businesses increase profitability and workforce productivity by promoting, maintaining and improving employee health.

Care Management drastically lowers our corporate partners’ health care costs, decreases time lost to sickness and helps raise morale by promoting general health and wellness.

Care Management services include:

  • Integrated Complex Case and Chronic Condition Management – Helps employees with long-term or chronic conditions (diabetes, heart disease, COPD, etc.) better manage their conditions and increase their quality of life.
  • Data Management – Maintains and analyzes employee health information so that company leadership can make informed decisions and create and implement data-driven policy.
  • Pharmacotherapy Management – Provides guidance and support to employees, helping them use prescription medications to their best advantage.
  • Wellness – Provides on-site support and programming designed to help employees integrate healthy habits into their daily life.
  • Utilization Management – Provides oversight and review of services charged to insurance providers.