Bringing Patients and Providers Together

However great the distance, ConnectNow brings patients and providers together with services that go well beyond a simple video chat. Online-enabled instruments allow clinicians to perform a wide range of medical exams, view electronically transmitted test results and read medical records.

Patients receive close-to-home care and avoid the hassle and expense of traveling to another location. By offering easy, convenient, life-saving medical attention to people in need of care, ConnectNow is reshaping the future of health care.

Telestroke uses secure two-way video to connect stroke patients with board-certified neurologists. These neurologists work with local emergency physicians to determine whether tPA should be administered. Timely intervention with clot busting medications is critical for stroke victims, reducing the risk of death and stroke-related complications or disabilities.

Nurse on Call
When patients have trouble deciding whether their illness or injury requires an emergency room visit, Nurse On Call is there. This nationwide triage service offers expert health advice from experiences RNs 24 hours a day, every day.

eVisits provide secure care for non-urgent medical conditions through the MyMercy platform, which enables patients to remotely communicate with their provider teams. Patients can expect same-day responses from doctors for questions provided before 4 p.m. on regular business days.

eConsult enables patients and primary care physicians to connect with a wide variety of specialties including, child psychiatry, genetic counseling, perinatology, neurology, cardiology, headache care and prenatal education. Specialists receive medical records and test results electronically before the consultations, which occur over secure two-way video. Basic examinations are performed using online-enabled tools.