vAlert fills gaps in care by monitoring hospitalized patients for any indication of danger or distress. vAlert uses centralized telemetry (EKGs and pulse oximeters) that allows staff to keep constant watch on patients’ vital signs for fluctuations. They can, from a distance, warn floor staff immediately, helping them fend off an impending crisis before it happens.

  • vAlert drastically decreases staff stress by reducing the incidence of false bedside alarms, freeing floor nurses to concentrate their time and efforts on patients in real distress. In hospitals where vAlert is in use, we’ve decreased the number of false alarms from 95% to 4-8%.
  • vAlert is fully integrated with Mercy’s electronic health record database (EPIC) – all data collected automatically populates each patient’s electronic health record, adding to a comprehensive health history.
  • vSitter, a component service of vAlert, monitors patients who, left untended, could harm themselves.