Improving Health Care While Controlling Costs

Whether you need to manage the health care needs of large employee populations, communities or individual patients, Care Management can help.

Our services and technologies identify critical needs, helping us develop and implement customized plans for improving health and reducing costs. We also deliver education and coaching to promote healthy lifestyle changes. Using data and exceptional clinical expertise, our services help us meet today’s health care needs – and tomorrow’s.

Chronic Disease Management
Our Chronic Disease Management services provide ongoing support for patients living with chronic conditions. We train patients in self-care management through lifestyle coaching and guidance to avoid behaviors that may exacerbate their conditions or lead to complications.

Utilization Management 
Our Utilization Management services monitor and evaluate the medical necessity and appropriateness of health care services to ensure patients receive high-quality, cost-effective care. We ensure patients have appropriate access to specialists and centers of excellence, perform acute care review and discharge planning, offer pre-certification for procedures, promote the use of in-network resources, and more.

Data Analytics, Reporting and Predictive Modeling
Our analytics provide insights into your employees’ health, as well as the health care services they use. By analyzing data on disease prevalence, employee responses to health assessments, audits of laboratory results, medications, and usage of preventative health care services, we can accurately provide a picture of your employees’ current and future health care needs.

Wellness and Health Education
Our comprehensive portfolio of websites, newsletters and engaging activities provide education and guidance on healthy eating, physical activity, emotional and spiritual well-being, and tobacco cessation.