Will I lose my personal physician?
No. Mercy Virtual will be working hand in hand with your personal physician keeping him/her fully informed. Mercy vEngagement is part of your primary care physician’s (PCP’s) team.

Will I need to keep appointments with my primary care physician (PCP) and other doctors?
Yes. You will be expected to keep all of your regularly scheduled appointments with your primary care physician (PCP) and specialists.

Will I be charged or billed for the program?
No. The program is free of charge to patients with certain conditions.

Will I be just another number?
No. Each patient has a care plan based on their individual needs and a designated care team involved.

What about the equipment?
All equipment will be provided free of charge and is expected to be returned to Mercy.
You are responsible for the proper care of the equipment while it is in your possession.

Is this secure?
Yes. Mercy will not record any video visits. The entire virtual care team is employed by Mercy and is governed by all the same laws and regulations as hospitals and clinics. All equipment and video transmission are HIPAA compliant and encrypted.

Who is my virtual care team?
The care team is made up of licensed:
• Physicians
• Advanced Practitioners
• Nurses
• Navigators
• Other specialty care practitioners such as mental wellness specialists, dieticians, physical therapists, chaplains and more.

What if I have an emergency?
For a true medical emergency call 911. If you are unsure, please call Mercy Virtual at 1.844.470.4702 or 636.237.4700.

If you are calling after regular business hours for a medical concern that cannot wait until the next day, please call the same number above and press 1.