Prevention Magazine Ranks Mercy Virtual Among 2016 Medical Breakthroughs

With a new year on the horizon, Prevention Magazine is counting down the “20 Best Medical Breakthroughs of 2016” and Mercy’s Virtual Care Center has a prominent spot.

The article, featured in the December 2016 issue, highlights medical firsts; game-changing drugs and devices; as well as fascinating research that will “change your life immediately.”

The work being done by hundreds of Mercy Virtual doctors and nurses inside the world’s first “hospital without beds” is helping the health care industry by “moving away from brick and mortar and relying on technology to keep people healthier,” Dr. Randy Moore, Mercy Virtual president, told the popular health publication.

To see the list, which also features groundbreaking heart disease research at Mount Sinai Hospital, clinical testing for a lung cancer vaccine at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and a drug to destroy superbugs at Virginia Commonwealth University, click here.

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